At Flowrite, we’re an ambitious bunch. This year, we put ourselves to the test and entered the RAC Cooling Industry Awards. What’s more, we won!

The annual RAC Cooling Industry Awards recognise and celebrate best practice among refrigeration and air conditioning professionals. Flowrite was up against its most innovative competitors, so we had to work hard to pip them to the post and claim the title of Contractor of the Year. We knew winning wouldn’t be easy, but the Flowrite team was up to the challenge.

To enter, we sent a written submission of 1,000 words, outlining why Flowrite should be a contender, followed by a face-to-face pitch to the judges. Flowrite’s strength lies in our whole team’s commitment to our four key behaviours: visibility, excellence, ownership and trust, so our entry focused on how we demonstrate these. As all employees at our company know, we prioritise these behaviours and aim to implement them in the field for every client we serve. It’s part of what makes our company so unique and successful, and the reason why clients like Nandos and Whitbread choose to work with us.

The RAC judges loved our submission

“We were particularly impressed with their approach to customer needs.”

What was most important to the judges was how Flowrite uses one-on-one behavioural training to help every engineer adjust to the firm’s working values. Many contractor services suffer from a lack of client trust, with clients unsure whether they are paying for necessary work. By focusing on our employees, Flowrite ensures that everyone in the organisation commits to the same set of core values that protect customers and maintain our integrity.

The entry submission also informed the judges about our list of impressive and growing partners, as well as our policy to Aeromark asset tag each visit. This dynamic and live management of our customers’ assets allows us to build up a service history from day one and plan maintenance checks to prevent the equipment from breaking down. This also provides a complete lifecycle cost of individual assets, allowing key decisions to be made about capital replacement. This policy is again geared towards achieving our core behaviours of visibility and trust, enabling customers to see precisely what we’re doing and why.

The RAC judges were also impressed by the way that Flowrite is upping its technology game. In particular, they liked our CoolerResponse remote monitoring technology which helps customers better maintain their cooling equipment. For too long clients have had to rely on retrospective repairs once a fault has happened. Flowrite is changing all that, aiming to make the refrigeration and air conditioning contractor market more transparent and customer-focused. The RAC judges loved this and rewarded Flowrite handsomely for putting it into action.

Cases in point

As well as featuring information about our technologies and processes, we also included specific examples of our team excelling when serving our customers. For example, when Nandos found that their breakdown numbers on specific sites were higher than expected, we showed them how they could prevent these from occurring with a planned maintenance schedule. We also talked about how we used remote monitoring and client education to train our customers about the benefits of maintaining their systems.

Finally, the judges liked the way we really take the time to understand our customers before making any recommendations or changes. Every business, after all, is different. We get to know our customers’ needs intimately, even working in their kitchens, to experience their challenges first-hand and come up with solutions which best meet their requirements.

“For the past three years, the whole team has worked hard to implement the Flowrite Behaviours,” comments Tod Harrison, CEO at Flowrite Services Ltd. “It’s great to have that effort recognised, and for Flowrite to be viewed as the one to beat in refrigeration and air conditioning. Congratulations and thank you to all who were involved in this monumental and impressive achievement.”

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