Flowrite Services Ltd prides itself on utilising the latest technology to deliver all of its services to our customers. We strive to be industry-leading in inventing ways in which our service delivery teams can be deliver their works more efficiently and with greater customer focus.
The continuous improvement of our services is so important to Flowrite that we have made significant investment in it and dedicated a division of the company specifically to leading the way in the different technologies across air conditioning and refrigeration.
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aeromarkAeromark is one of Flowrite’s greatest assets – it provides the foundations of our service delivery to our customers; from the initial call all the way through to final invoicing.
Each of our client’s site assets is individually logged onto our Aeromark system. This means that each item of equipment which we service on site has a full history of works carried out, age, warranty monitor, cost and spend and unaccepted quotations logged against the item. This history facilitates stricter cost controls, reduction in breakdowns and bespoke reporting, such as gas usage.
Aeromark follows the service from original report to our helpdesk through to final completion and invoicing, showing a full path of actions along the way. The history is integrated with the engineer’s PDA so they have full information prior to attending of what has occurred previously.

Customer portal

Each of our customers are provided with their own bespoke portal which enables them to track all the activities on their portfolio. This gives them the ability to monitor the performance of their contracts at every level; from stock management, mileage and fuel consumption through to individual reporting on each asset and overall budgetary cost control. We are constantly improving these portals to meet customer’s specific process requests and requirements of each site.
The package can be integrated with our customer’s own helpdesk package giving a seamless update of the job’s progress whilst the engineer is still on site.
As a single point of information it has the facility to report on each of our service performance areas and is therefore an ideal tool for dynamic monitoring of contract KPIs and SLAs.

Scheduling expertise

One of the things that sits our service above our competition is our dynamic scheduling portal. It allows for a slicker service by instantaneously communicating the tasks requirements to our engineer through his handheld PDA unit as soon as it is logged through Aeromark by our helpdesk – taking the paperwork out of scheduling.
The scheduler suggests the nearest available engineers with the correct skills for the task and then provides a list to highlight those who can provide promptest attendance.
All of Flowrite’s service partners and customers also have access to Aeromark’s system ensuring consistent and real-time information is provided. Through this facility we can embed our core behaviours of trust and visibility within the business from the start of each engineering task.

Overnight van stock replenishing

Flowrite have an agreement in place with our suppliers to restock our team’s vans overnight straight to the back of their vehicles. The van’s stock levels are monitored through our Aeromark system and are automatically ordered when quantities drop below an agreed threshold. This means that our company’s vans are never without the critical stock required to enable our engineers to resolve any routine service issues as rapidly as possible. In addition our specialist parts can also be delivered overnight allowing for a speedy resolution to less common breakdowns.

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