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We recognise the importance of utilising the very best technology to provide you with an exceptional service and real time information. That’s why all our engineer’s vehicles are tracked, all our jobs are paperless, and your assets are tagged with Quick Read codes, ensuring the most accurate data capture.

Flowrite asset tag

To achieve this Flowrite have recently invested in the very latest market leading technology called Optimatics from Aeromark which ensures we send the best engineer to do the job and also transmits it in real time to the engineers mobile device.

This provides all the information including site history to ensure the engineer has the right information every time; which results in greater efficiency, accurate parts ordering and better first-time fix rates; even the jobs sheets are created in real time and are emailed as the engineer leaves the job.

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  • Flowrite - create asset details

    Service & Asset Management – Assets are QR coded and set up as part of workflow, for complete visibility of work in progress and asset capture.

  • Flowrite worksheet

    Mobility Apps – Mobility Apps connect external resources to the office, allowing our engineers to input data into the form for real-time transfer back to the office.

  • Flowrite - schedule

    Workforce Scheduling – Flowrite Planners have complete visibility of allocated and non-allocated tasks and are able to proactively manage jobs scheduled for the rest of the day.

  • Flowrite - track

    GPS Tracking – GPS Units in Flowrite vans help us verify location, for arrival or departure from jobs and job status in a simple colour coded map.

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