What is this site all about?

Flowrite is the UK’s leading National Air Conditioning & Refrigeration company specialising in Installation, Service, Maintenance and Repair in the Leisure, Commercial and Retail industries. We have put this website together to show the services we provide and the technology we use to provide our clients with a full managed service.

What you’ll find on this site?

The web pages you will find on this website include information on Flowrite Services, images, data tables and brochure downloads. To avoid accessibility issues we have included the following:

  • All pages include a link to the homepage.
  • The website can be navigated with a mouse.
  • All written content is in English.
  • Font is in Arial for compatability on every computer and for easier readibility.
  • The background colour is White for a sufficient colour contrast against black text.
  • Links are in red to stand out and headings are scaled larger and in blue.

Other Accessibility tricks

Under the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act), we will ensure our website is accessible to those with visual or hearing impairments. We aim to make our website accessible using a range of operating systems and browsers.

  • The site can be accessed through the tab key.
  • All content images have descriptive ALT tags.
  • All headings have a content hierarchy for the reader to work out the structure of the page. ‹h1› for first heading. ‹h2› for second heading.
  • Text can be resized in the browser toolbar.

If our site does not meet your requirements we will make changes to our current content wherever appropriate. Please contact us at