Flowrite’s refrigeration and air conditioning service engineers are setting the standard in both repair and reactive maintenance by using Aeromark’s Optimatics technology.

Our customers can raise a job request via the website or call centre and Optimatics will provide a full audit trail of equipment on site and the full history of when the asset was last serviced. Once the call is logged, the job will be scheduled out to a Flowrite service engineer. The system keeps track of engineer’s locations and gives full visibility over job progression as engineers are working.

Optimatics priorities the job to meet SLA’s and knows what skill is required to ensure that the issue is fixed quickly and the job is allocated to the best engineer. The job details are then sent in real time to the engineer’s device with all the information they need including service history, customer information and job details.

Flowrite understand that convenience and customer service are top priorities in smooth running business operations, which is why they ensure equipment is always operational.