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Remote monitoring expertise – part of our Cooler ResponseTM package

cooler responseFlowrite has introduced the Cooler ResponseTM solution to provide a remote monitoring web based system for our customer’s refrigeration equipment. The package can be used for cellar cooling, walk-in freezers and walk-in refrigerators, as well as for general application of routines such as food safety checks, reducing the impact of staff having to check at regular intervals.

The technology monitors room temperatures and evaporator (indoor blower) coil temperatures to predict cooling failures and icing up issues. Refrigerant liquid line temperatures are also measured to report on external condenser temperatures and raise awareness of blocking or already blocked condensers. It can be used to provide audit reports on energy consumption of refrigeration equipment, or if required the complete premises. In addition to the above reports we also track door opening and closing events, which it is clear from our research this is can be an huge issue to our customers.

The customer will view these reports via a live web portal available on smartphone, tablet and PC. The reports ill present themselves through a traffic light system which constantly monitors all cellars and highlights areas of concern as below:

  • Green – all walk-ins are within set parameters and working to temperature. Fully visible for everybody to see on a dashboard view.
  • Amber – one or more parameters are outside of the operating conditions and if does not return to normal within one hour this will turn to Red.
  • Red – has been outside of operating condition parameters for more than one hour. We will contact the site and ascertain if there are any normal working conditions that would cause the issues (i.e. a beer delivery, cellar cleaning being carried out or a door has been left open).

It is clear that by having visibility of the key assets across your estate, will enable rapid decisions and reviews concerning potentially critical issues. In turn this will reduce total failures of kit and the subsequent need for emergency callouts which ultimately creating additional pressure for businesses. The portal enables Flowrite to strategically schedule service visits to prevent the risk of total failure before it happens.

The visibility of the systems will create the right level of support to change typical behaviours such as awareness of open doors and impact they have thus creating a potential major saving through energy usage awareness across the portfolio.

Remote monitoring expertise

Remote monitoring expertise

Alternative maintenance strategies

Flowrite are investing in ways that we can change traditional maintenance models and bring alternative solutions to customers. We feel it is important to challenge the usual methods which are customarily used across the industry, in order to conduct an objective review of ways in which we can potentially do things better.

Ways in which Flowrite have achieved this for our customers through our remote monitoring products such as Cooler ResponseTM and through an enhanced or reduced visit programme which better addresses the portfolio’s specific business requirements.

We accomplish this through a number of methods, these entail looking at how each asset is utilised in the workplace, we then review our implementation process using a risk-based approach, and use this to adapt the process to accommodate each of the individual sites. This is a valuable exercise as it enables us to deliver the right service to the customer in a focused efficient manner. We have found it to be particularly useful in highlighting increased service and cost savings through utilising resources in the right areas.

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