This leading FM company commenced a search for support in UK and Oman to provide novel solutions and options for chiller monitoring and maintenance. Through a rigorous search process Flowrite emerged as the firm most orientated to partnership and working through the issues and options before offering the solution. Throughout they were the only firm that repeatedly played down their maintenance options in favour of doing less, reducing my costs whilst improving my outcomes.

Flowrite Methodology
At the outset the Flowrite team aim to build an understanding of the client and where needed the service provider and their client as well as the client’s customer’s needs. No other firm spend this sort of time trying to establish the outcome required for all parties. This holistic and collaborative approach marks them out as a great business to work with.
Leadership and management teams stay engaged and demonstrate great forward thinking both in terms of industry expertise but also in how to deliver projects. This stands out when you see their solutions and their drive to improve, develop and deploy novel maintenance regimes and techniques.
It is refreshing that they continue to be driven by quality and in training their teams to the highest standards. In the current cost driven business context having assurance that the right things will continue to be done to quality is essential.

System Deployment
Our first deployment of Flowrite was in the desserts of Oman! Throughout the discussion with in country teams Flowrite provoked and challenged the discussion to ensure that in an environment that they did not fully understand they could establish al the parameters of the problem and then narrow down on a system that would work.
When it came to deploying remote monitoring they were exceptional at talking the local professional teams through how to install and set to work the system. At every stage Flowrite supervised and monitored as the system came on line. Rather than remote assistance that is the norm for remote systems the team at Flowrite continued to lead us through to successful operation.
Their commitment to training included ensuring that the local team operating HVAC assets in 55C heat can do so with confidence an independence.

Flowrite are now tendering for significant volume of work with this FM company and this process is ongoing. They continue to be the firm with the leadership that challenges our own thoughts. They are committed to partnership and reducing my costs while increasing the performance of HVAC assets for everyone’s benefit.