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Flowrite are very proud to say we are a service partner to ClimaCheck. This patented technology is based on the fundamental energy laws and thermo-physical data of refrigerant cycle cooling systems. Multiple temperature sensors, pressure transducers, current transformers and voltage tappings are used to diagnose the performance in the refrigeration process, and these results are used to identify opportunities to optimise cooling performance and system efficiency.

The measurements taken include:

  • power consumption,
  • cooling performance/thermal load of the system,
  • chilled water temperatures and flow rates,
  • refrigerant conditions (such as sub-cooling at the expansion valve inlet and superheat at the compressor inlet).

ClimaCheck is unique in its ability to provide this data based on the power consumption of the compressor as well as the refrigerant thermodynamic cycle as measured on site, without the need for refrigerant or water flow meters.

The key benefits are to this are:

  • ClimaCheck will measure the performance of any refrigeration and AC system in operation.
  • It has the capacity to read, analyse and store all parameters including temperature, pressure, current and voltage for as long a period as you require.
  • It has the capacity to provide engineers with the data to enable them to:
    • optimise refrigerant charge,
    • expansion valve superheat,
    • control parameters of electronic expansion valves,
    • adjust head pressure-low ambient control settings,
    • control dead bands and more.
  • It can potentially optimise plant efficiency by 10-40% through increased reliability, reduced energy costs and reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Thresholds can be set so that when an agreed limit is reached a text or email is sent to notify customers that the system isn’t running correctly.
  • A system can be remotely via your laptop or smart phone from any location.
  • It provides an early warning for detecting, blocked condenser coils (abnormal air on and air off condensing temperatures), failed condenser fans (condensing temperature high with low auxiliary power input for fans), inadequate water flow rate (risk of freezing evaporator with low water out temperatures), compressor damage (liquid return, low efficiencies, excessive discharge temperatures) and motor burn outs.
  • It can be used for commissioning, PPM visits, warranty inspections, troubleshooting and vital system performance and energy analysis.
  • It has the adaptability to be a portable or a fixed permanent option.


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